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CPAP Masks

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Which type of CPAP Mask should you choose?

Nasal CPAP Mask: Are the most popular type of CPAP Mask. They seal around the nose and do not cover the mouth and are best suited for nose breathers. The nasal cushion has a small profile and creates a tight seal. Use a nasal mask if you feel claustrophobic in masks that cover your face, sleep on your side or abdomen or you want the option of using a pillow or mask interface.

Full Face CPAP Mask: Seals and delivers air through the nose and mouth and are heavier and have more bulk than a nasal mask. Use a full face CPAP mask if your mouth drops open during sleep, you have sinus or congestion problems that make it difficult to breathe through your nose or you breathe through your mouth during sleep.

Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask: Seal around the base of the nostrils with a soft pillow and are very light with less contact on the face. Use this type of mask if you have facial hair, feel claustrophobic with a full face mask or want to watch TV or wear glasses while in use.

Oral CPAP Mask: Oral masks deliver air into the mouth through an oval cushion. These masks require nasal plugs and the use of a heated humidifier is recommended because the nostrils tend to dry out. Use this type of mask if you can not breathe through your nose due to a deviated septum or nasal congestion.