Hollister Ostomy

Which Hollister Ostomy System is Right for You?

CenterPointLock Two Piece Ostomy System: The CenterPointLock two piece ostomy system offers a variety of choices for both hospital and home use. These include a complete range of cut–to–fit, pre–sized and convex skin barriers. CenterPointLock skin barriers feature the unique Floating Flange and CenterPointLock closure. All CenterPointLock pouches feature odor barrier Quiet Film, an advanced pouch film that minimizes the noise generally associated with ostomy pouches.

Karaya 5 One Piece Pouches: Karaya 5 is a natural skin barrier that is well suited for skin problems or for sensitive skin. Karaya 5 seal rings have chemical properties that help prevent the growth of organisms that may be damaging to the skin. Karaya 5 seal rings are also slightly convex and help fill in around stomas that are flush, recessed or retracted. Karaya 5 is flexible and can be stretched into different shapes.

New Image Two Piece Ostomy Systems: The New Image two piece pouching system offers a discreet, low profile with beige flanges for a truly pouchless feel. The Lock 'n Roll closure and ComfortWear pouch panels add comfort,

Pouchkins Pediatric Ostomy System: The Pouchkins Pediatric Ostomy system is designed for premature babies, infants and children and is available in one and two–piece systems

Premier Pouches One Piece Ostomy System: The Premier one piece pouching system offers.both drainable and closed pouches in a variety of sizes. Premier pouches feature either Flextend extended wear or SoftFlex standard wear skin barriers, and the Lock 'n Roll closure system.

Hollister Product Terms

ComfortWear Panels: ComfortWear Panels provide a soft cloth–like material between the pouch film and the skin for added comfort.

FlexTend Skin Barrier: Flextend is designed to resist breakdown and is the best barrier for many ostomies that have a more liquid type of discharge. It can be worn for a minimum of several days before it is changed.

FlexWear Skin Barrier: Flexwear is designed to work well with most types of ostomy discharge. It can be worn for more than one day.

Floating Flange: This is a feature only on Hollister two piece skin barriers. The flange (plastic ring) and the skin barrier can move independently. This means the skin barrier is more flexible and it makes it easier to attach the flanges.

Rustle–Free Pouch Film: Rustle–free is a pouch film that is designed to minimize noise when wearing an ostomy pouch.

SoftFlex Skin Barrier: SoftFlex is designed to provide a gentle attachment to the skin. It is ideal if you have delicate skin or if you choose to change your pouching system frequently.