4 Tips for Male Incontinence

Over 20 million Americans have urinary incontinence, and about five million of them are men. Most commonly, male incontinence is due to an enlarged prostate or prostate surgery, but there are other possible causes.


Here are four tips to consider for this common problem:

#1 It’s Not Just Post-Void Drips

Many men have drips after they urinate, and they may think it is not a sign of a medical problem. However, excess leakage after you urinate is abnormal. If the post-urination dripping soaks through your clothes or causes your skin to be irritated, you may have a form of incontinence.

#2 It Is Common

Up to 15% of men from ages 15-64 have some type of incontinence. For some men, the issue is related to the prostate. One of the common procedures for prostate cancer is removal of the prostate. Many men who have had this surgery then have problems with incontinence.

However, others may have incontinence caused by stress, spinal injury or diabetes.

#3 Weight

As you get older, the muscles that control your bladder weaken, and added weight can put pressure on the bladder. So, if you are having problems with incontinence, losing weight could make the problem go away.

#4 Stroke and Diabetes Can Be a Factor

This problem can be caused in some men due to nerve damage from diabetes, stroke or Parkinson’s disease. Men also are more likely to get into car and motorcycle wrecks, as well as workplace injuries. These scenarios can put them at higher risk for incontinence.

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    These tips are very helpful. I really appreciate it. Keep it up and many thanks for sharing this.

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