Constipation Relief with the Bio Bidet BB-800 Bidet Toilet Seat

Are you bothered by persistent constipation and find yourself taking laxatives all the time? If so, you should try this bidet toilet seat. Its patented vortex water stream system produces a helix of pulsating water that will help to loosen the hardened feces from your bowels.

This bidet is packed with features that will make the time spent on the toilet a pleasure. It fits any toilet and is easy to install. Simply remove your old toilet seat, hook-up the water lines, attach the Bio Bidet toilet seat and you’re ready to go.

BioBidet Prestige Luxury Class Bidet Toilet Seat - Side Control Panel






Here are some of the features as listed on the Bio Bidet website

  • Fixed easy to use side-panel.
  • Easy nozzle replacement.
  • Adjustable heated seat.
  • Intelligent body sensor.
  • Adjustable warm air dry.
  • Slow closing.
  • Quick release for easy cleaning.
  • Automatic power save.
  • 3 year limited warranty

To purchase one, go to the bb-800 web page.
Or go here to see other other popular bidets.
You’ll get a great price, fast shipping and great customer service.

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