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A Guide to Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is widely regarded as a place where you can spend some time alone and enjoy a relaxing shower to wash the daily stresses away. However, if you share your home with a senior or a disabled person, then … Continue reading

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Medtronic Tracheostomy Tubes Under Recall

Medtronic this week voluntarily recalled more than 70,000 tracheostomy tubes for babies and children. There were reports that some patients were having a hard time breathing with the tubes. Several hundred adverse events were reported that involved the Covidien Shiley … Continue reading

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Tips for Home Tracheostomy Care

If you or a loved one has had a tracheostomy and has been released to go home, you will need to know how to take care of it. Here are some tips to remember: #1 Make Appointment with Your Doctor! … Continue reading

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How a Tracheostomy Affects Speech

Some people have serious medical conditions or problems that require a surgeon to perform a tracheostomy. This is a surgical opening in the trachea that is made under the Adam’s apple. A tube is then put into that opening, so … Continue reading

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4 Tips for Male Incontinence

Over 20 million Americans have urinary incontinence, and about five million of them are men. Most commonly, male incontinence is due to an enlarged prostate or prostate surgery, but there are other possible causes. Here are four tips to consider … Continue reading

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Why You Need a New Vaccine During Flu Season

Influenza, or ‘the flu,’ is a very contagious respiratory illness that makes many people sick in the fall and winter. One of the best ways to avoid contracting the flu is to get a vaccine early in the season, preferably … Continue reading

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Global Market for Catheters to Soar to $43 Billion by 2020

A new market research report released at the end of 2014 found that the worldwide market for all types of catheters will increase to nearly $43 billion by 2020. This would represent a growth rate (compounded annually) of 7.5% from … Continue reading

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Different Types of Catheters and Their Uses

A catheter is a tube-like device made of plastic, latex or medical-grade rubber and is used to empty the bladder. If the muscles of the bladder are too weak to hold urine for any extended period of time, a catheter … Continue reading

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How to Care for Your Ostomy Stoma

How to care for your ostomy stoma If you just had surgery, you have chemicals temporarily in your body that will cause you to itch, especially skin covered by a barrier. Although there are situations where one has an allergic … Continue reading

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