DonJoy REACTION WEB Knee Brace

DonJoy REACTION WEB Knee Brace

    DonJoy REACTION WEB Knee Brace

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    Manufacturer: DJO

    Brand: DonJoy

    MFG Number: 11-0215-

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    DonJoy® REACTION WEB® Knee Brace Elastomeric Web Pulls Pain Away From the Knee.

    • Elastomeric web design helps to reduce pain by dispersing energy across the knee.
    • Dynamically stabilizes the patella on all sides, bringing the patella into proper tracking position to reduce pain.
    • Dual axis hinges that are flexible, creating synergy with the elastomeric web.
    • The open framework of the elastomeric web, in combination with the mesh backing, creates a comfortable fit.
    • The adjustable strapping at the top and bottom allow uniform pressure across the knee working in tandem with the elastomeric web.
    • Back pad fits and conforms better to the knee, and is softer, more breathable and more lightweight.
    Measure 6" Above Mid-Patella - Select Size